Brandon Whyde & The Devils Keep – Music Video-DIRECTORS CUT

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Brandon Whyde & The Devils Keep “Gun To My Heart” Music Video from Story House Media {SHM} on Vimeo.


This is the Directors cut of “Gun to My Heart”. The Band is to release the Official Music Video soon. The main difference between the 2 cuts is that this cut includes the extended intro and outro. As a Director and Storyteller, I like to keep the story arc in mind and using contrast to draw people into the video as opposed to starting right in on the first beat. I prefer to make my audience work a little so as to keep attention and interest.

We filmed this music video over the course of 3 days. The band, Brandon Whyde & The Devils Keep was great to work and collaborate with on this project. There is a lot of work that goes into the logistics of shooting a music video with high production value. The first step is listening to the song many many times, in the car, at the studio, exercising, etc. This imprints the song in terms of rhythm pace and lyrical meanings. As a Director, I’m not fond of being too literal. I want to create a storyline but with enough breathing room for the audience to come up, in their own mind, the meaning of the video. I prefer using contrast visually and within the story concept.

We wrote the treatment and storyboard and received a green light from the band. We then began the process of securing assets like locations, Actor, Actress, Wardrobe, etc. Location scouting is something I enjoy but can be incredibly time consuming. We used a combination of different locations for interiors and exteriors. The live performance parts were shot in a cool old barn at the Holzknecht family farm. The interior house scenes were shot at band member, Chris Wellers house. Exterior bar scene was at Bonge’s Tavern in Perkinsville, IN, which by the way is a great place to tailgate and eat. Truly some of the best food you will eat. Make it a day and go visit them. The interior bar scenes were shot at the historic Melody Inn, in Indianapolis. It’s one of those bars where you can see that it has been gracefully worn out and has a cool vibe. And one of my favorite things in the video was the 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle owned by Bob Parker. Special thanks to all of the people who allowed us to use these very important and necessary parts for the video.

The band members had not done any acting before this and they did a great job in selling their roles. The “girlfriend” was played by Chelsea Calvert, who resides in Florida and made the trip to Indiana for 3 days. The “bad guy” was played by Actor Benjamin Madrid, who has been in several commercials and short films.

We shot this with a very lean crew, which required us to be organized, flexible and a “think on your feet” mentality. Brittany Terhune is our go to girl for Styling, making sure wardrobe and set design work cohesively together and to maintain continuity from scene to scene. Jessica Cripps of Studio 118, who has some of the coolest tattoos did hair and make up and also appears as an extra. Jessica did a great job as usual. Executive Producer, Jennifer Moon kept us on track and organized, which is a critical element to any production. Jenna James worked as Grip and Second camera doing a great job.

Also, special thanks to Jessica Warrix of JW Salon for the use of the chandelier we hung in the barn and to Society of Salvage for the use of the cool large candelabras.

Brandon Whyde & The Devils Keep

Story House Media

On set with Story House Media

Story House Media

Story House Media / Set Life

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2 responses to “Brandon Whyde & The Devils Keep – Music Video-DIRECTORS CUT”

  1. Lucas Quinlin says:

    Love this song you guys left me wanting to hear more. I want a CD.

  2. Richard Peak says:

    Brandon, this song and video is “Kick Ass awesome ” Loved it. I have been posting on Facebook and anywhere else I can. Your Father would be so proud of you!!!!
    I Miss Kevin!

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