The Club at Chatham Hills – Westfield, Indiana

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This is a first in a series of productions for a new development in Westfield, Indiana that we shot. Our initial impression of the area where the development is planned was that the topographic characteristics were unlike anything in Hamilton County. Rolling hills and wooded areas with small streams that weave through the property make it a very desirable location. A place where you can actually enjoy all 4 seasons. When you consider the added benefit of the close proximity to travel corridors and then throw in a golf course designed by legendary Pete Dye, you have an exclusive development, which can only enhance the desirability of living in Hamilton County, Indiana.

We will be filming some aerials this Spring in order to give another perspective to the course and development layout.

B.Ryan Hunley with Second Street Creative designed the website for The Club at Chatham Hills.

We would like to introduce you to The Club at Chatham Hills.


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Get Flasky-Commercial Video

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GetFlasky from Story House Media {SHM} on Vimeo.

What a cool product.  We had to order some of these custom flasks for Story House Media to give to some of our clients.  A creative way to help make your brand stand out a bit.

We met with Ashten who owns Get Flasky and loved talking with her about her vision of the product and what she would like portrayed for this concept.  It’s a fun product but we also wanted to add a little sexiness to the overall vibe.  The commercial was shot in 1 day at a cool place in Indianapolis called The Speakeasy.

The process of producing these marketing video’s are to first get a feel of the product.  This may involve using the product or at least experiencing what the product is all about.  This helps us understand what the product or service is and what it represents.   Exploring the product or service often times involves talking to customers.  Learning about the company is also a process of observing and trying to soak up the culture.  We want to produce a product from a commercial standpoint that effectively communicates the overall vibe of the product or service.

Once we get a good grasp on the company, product and service, it’s time to brainstorm a concept.  There is a fine line between creating a concept / storyboard in a timely fashion but also trying not to force or rush creativity.  Our clients understand that they hire us to “create” and they give us quite a bit of a blank canvas to work with, which really helps to not confine our creativity, within reason.

After a brief concept is developed, a treatment is written to specifically describe, the look, the feel, storyline, color grade, etc.  The Treatment is shared with our Stylist, Brittany, who will get a visual interpretation of the concept and develop some wardrobe options that compliment the concept and something that works with the set design.

Director / Director of Photography  :  John Moon

Second Camera :  Ben Poenisch

First AC  : Jennifer Moon

Stylist  :  Brittany Terhune

Hair & Make Up : Madgeline Parrish

Actor  :  Brandon Whyde

Behind the Scenes Videographer : John Gunnell

commercial video indianapolis



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Get Flasky – Commercial Video

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Story House Media commercial video

It’s a wrap!

commercial video indianapolis

One important element in any commercial project we produce whether photo or video is that we love the product, service or brand.  Along comes Get Flasky, which is a cool homegrown product from Indiana Artist, Ashten Houpt.  Story House Media loves working with creative people because they appreciate the heart and soul that goes into taking something from some loose ideas to a specific concept.  For this we wanted something that was a little sexy and rugged at the same time.  The flasks are custom designed and if you already have a logo it would make a great promotional product or grab one just for the cool design.

We have off loaded all of the footage and it looks really good.  You might recognize singer songwriter Brandon Whyde.  We will be shooting a music video for Brandon in the very near future.

Special thanks to Speakeasy in Indianapolis for the location, which really had the vibe we were looking for.  Many of the design elements inside were the brainchild of Nikki Sutton with Level Interior Architecture + Design and Nick Allman.

Hair and Makeup by Madgelin Parrish

Director // John Moon

Co-Director // Ben “Danger” Poenisch, Father of Special Agent Jackie Bower

Production Manager // Jen Moon

STyling for SHM, Brittany Terhune

Thanks to John Gunnell with Urban Basement Productions for shooting some behind the scenes footage.


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