Ella Poletti – New Artist Development

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Ella Poletti

Photo credit – Brenda Staples Photography

Story House Media would like to introduce to you an incredibly talented Artist, Ella Poletti. This is a new venture for SHM and we signed Ella this week to Manage her. We will be handling several aspects of artist development including but not limited to Branding, Marketing, Public Relations, Song and Album development. John Moon will be the Manager directing and collaborating with Ella. John was introduced to Ella about a year ago by visiting her Youtube channel. There were some rough recordings and video of some covers she had done. Although these were not optimal recordings, John saw beyond this making note of her comfort in front of the camera and of course her beautiful voice. Ella’s personality is infectious, authentic and fun.

SHM made contact with Ella and her Mom, Michelle for some brief texts and emails back and forth, which led to a face to face meeting near Bloomington, Indiana. We had dinner and dove a little into what inspired Ella and what some of her goals were. Ella looked at her Mom with a grin and her Mom spoke up and said that she and Ella have had this discussion before. Michelle said, “Ella has no backup plan and has always said that this is what she is going to do.” That line sold it for us because we take our role seriously.  Ella is an investment and to hear that level of commitment and focus from a 16 yr old was all we needed to hear.

Managing an Artist you need to be able to have vision and the ability to see the big picture. As we talked, we had common vision and goals and we won’t be wasting time on trying to convince one or the other anything different.

Ella Poletti has such a wonderful voice and she has a warm fun personality. We are so excited to work with Ella and we truly want her to live out her dream, everything else is just gravy.  Our team is poised and ready.  Below is a recent Colbie Caillat cover she did. Please take a moment and subscribe to her Youtube Channel. Stay with us as we keep you up to date on her development.

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