Video continues to grow

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More and more people are watching video and using video, it is weaving it’s way into the culture not only in the United States but many other countries as well. Video provides quick, consistent and entertaining information.

One of the major goals of a business is to make a profit and one big factor is grabing a slice of the market share. Attracting and engaging your customers is accomplished in a number of ways but video can be a very important vehicle to use. The use of video is in a very dynamic state. Web related content is competing at different rates with mainstream commercials. There will continue to be growth of online video but mainstream TV will maintain an edge for the near future. This, however, presents an opportunity for companies to capitalize on multi-screen distribution. Meaning content that appears on laptops, desktops, smartphones, web connected TV, etc.

Mobile media is huge and is continuing an aggressive growth trend. Using video is important to the support of your brand and again, this is about engaging your audience / customers. From a production point of view, we have the responsibility of creating a video that keeps the audience attention and maximizes the viewer completion rate. Completion rate is calculates whether the viewer finishes watching the video. According to, they have some interesting stats that look at the length of a video and completion rates. A link to the article is at the end of this post.

There is a tendacy for companies to rely upon user generated video or self produced video. There is definitely a use for user generated video and they can be quite beneficial. Part of SHM consulting is to first establish a series of polished video that specifically reflects your brand. User generated video can be used to compliment the more refined content.

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