What’s a Stylist?

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Model / Stylist Brittany Terhune

Model / Stylist Brittany Terhune. Photo by Polina Osherov.

As a stylist, it is crucial for any business or company to utilize photo shoots, ads, commercials, fashion shows, and TV to market their products to the public. Including any person that is in the public eye.

Stylists help show off your best self or brand by selecting wardrobe that projects the intended image. Keeping with trend and Pop Culture, a stylist will keep you looking fresh and modern.

A Stylist can put together looks that you may like but are not sure how to pull together, and to provide for a more clean presentation. Story House Media utilizes the expertise of a stylist in order to maintain the look the project calls for and to also assist on the day of the production. Making sure there is continuity and the wardrobe, hair and makeup work cohesively with the set. Depending on the complexity of the production, the Stylist may work very early on with the talent or it may be just the day of. While the cinematographers are busy composing the shot and looking at framing, the Stylist also keeps a close eye on the little things that may not get picked up by the camera operators.

As a Stylist, we are so much more than people who just make you look awesome! A stylist can help refresh a brand like a creative director. We can be an advisor for commercial shoots and ads to help decide the overall look of your company and how you want the public to view it. Some of the largest fashion houses in the world like Chanel , Versace or products including Nike and Coca Cola have a stylist and/ or creative director to help bring their products to life.

Brittany Terhune
Story House Media, LLC

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