Toca Social

https://youtu.be/L5j6DQE4cM8 Mixing two of everyone’s favourite things, food and football, makes for a winning recipe. TOCA Social is the world’s first interactive football and dining experience, combining immersive gaming and world-class food and drink, as well as free football tables, arcades and selfie booths for the ultimate social experience. We create this film using FPV drone content, 360 footage and hundreds of photos!


https://youtu.be/siCOAhAb7nw Labrum London’s unique ability to sidestep trends to tell West African narratives, is fast seeing it become one of the most exciting brands around. Threading through every collection is the music, community and politics of Africa, translated into pieces that not only embodies the experiences of modern-day members of the African diaspora but also tell’s the stories of those who came before them. This is short piece takes a look at some of the inspiration behind their critically acclaimed London Fashion Week show for their summer 2022 collection.