Our cutting-edge documentary films are conversation-starters and sparks for social change. We bring world-changing topics to the table in a captivating way, getting right to the heart of the most pressing contemporary issues.We’ve been lucky enough to work with many incredible brands, charities and organisations to create impactful and memorable stories around the world.

"Storyhouse Media were different. They wanted to tell a real story, a life journey, they understood the sensitivity of our work and the vulnerability of the people we work with. We couldn’t be more proud of this piece of work.”



Seabound, a trailblazing climate tech startup, pioneers carbon capture solutions for ships.

Andrew Gregory

Andrew Gregory suffered a life-changing motorbike accident, which completely shattered his leg. After years of pain, determination and a life-changing operation, Andrew is now competing at the World Pole Championships

Fighting Malaria

ACTELLIC® 300CS effectively reduces malaria transmission, combating mosquito resistance in affected regions.


Kudos magazine features Origin, a DJ and entrepreneur, exploring creativity, resilience, and fatherhood.

Boxing Futures

Boxing Futures uses non-contact boxing to empower youth, fostering well-being and confidence to pursue their dreams.